By Newgate Productions, Oct 16 2016 01:35PM

There's exciting news for fans of The Monster Hunters...the long wait is over! Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield are on their way back for a brand new adventure and with it comes some good news and bad news. The bad news first: there won't be stand alone Halloween and Christmas specials. But here's the good news: instead, we're bringing you an entire third series!

Monster Hunters series three has been a long time in planning as we've been very busy but we're now in a position to bring you six brand new monthly adventures starting this month. The boys are back to face some old enemies and new foes. They'll take on the worst that London has to offer them. They'll travel abroad to such far flung places as Tibet and Cambridge. And meanwhile something back home is brooding, waiting to emerge like a deadly flower.

We're really pleased we can finally start bringing you some new tales and we're very grateful to our lovely fans for sticking with us all this time. And now we want your help. If you love The Monster Hunters, tell your friends. Make them tell their friends. Tell someone you don't know and start a wonderful new friendship. That way we can convert more to our cause as if we were some kind of hilarious cold and they were a healthy nose crying out to be infected by horror based jokes. You can also review and rate us on iTunes!

Stay tuned as we'll have more Monster Hunters news over the next few weeks.

By Newgate Productions, Jan 2 2016 09:14AM

Don't take down your decorations yet - The Monster Hunters are back for a brand new Christmas adventure!

When Roy Steel buys Lorrimer Chesterfield the world's ugliest mirror, he has no idea what he brought home with it. As The Monster Hunters wake up to it's full horror, Lorrimer must assemble a team of experts at London University to investigate just what lurks inside the mirror.

There's a rapping on the glass, a locked room and a Roy Steel with nothing to punch. Prepare yourselves for The Rapping on the Mirror.

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock.

With Matthew Woodcock (Roy Steel), Peter Davis (Lorrimer Chesterfield), Kelly Quick (Lauren Asher), William McGeough (Guy Devlin), Laura Marshall (Mrs. Mann) and Simon Kane (Sir Maxwell House)

Music by Simon Magus. For more information, see

By Newgate Productions, Dec 3 2015 10:20AM

"It mustn't touch the mirror...whatever you're doing, switch off. Switch off now!"

The Monster Hunters return this Christmas for their most chilling adventure yet. Our advice? Listen. And don't touch the mirror. Don't even stay in the same room as the mirror. And don't offer it a drink.

By Newgate Productions, Oct 31 2015 01:44PM

Throw another pumpkin on the fire, becase The Monster Hunters are back in a brand new adventure for Halloween!

Sir Maxwell House has assigned Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield their most dangerous and taxing assignment yet - checking up on an friend of his who's gone a bit funny. But things take a darker turn when they are introduced to a new craze sweeping through high society - personal waxworks. Could these lifelike reproductions be almost too lifelike?

Point yourself at iTunes or our episodes page to stream or download now!

Whilst listening to this adventure, keep your ears open for some great new music provided by Simon Magus - it's a brilliant evocation of the horror films and adventure shows that we love. You can hear more at

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock, with Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield, Sarah Whitehouse as Gwendoline Dawl, Ben Whitehead as Sir Abelard Gervoise, Laura Marshall as Sir Abelard's secretary and Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House. Music by Simon Magus.

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By Newgate Productions, Oct 3 2015 10:00PM

We're happy to announce that The Monster Hunters are back for a brand new episode!

Following a bit of time off for good behaviour, Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield are back on the case in a special Halloween adventure called The Doll's House.

"Both Peter Davis and I have had a bit of a busy year with other projects this year,' Matthew Woodcock (Roy Steel) explains. 'We've been itching for a chance to get back to besting monsters and it's finally come together in time for Halloween!'

When Roy and Lorrimer are asked by Sir Maxwell House to check on an acquaintance of his, the trail leads to a sculptor of private waxworks. Is this the ultimate vanity project for wealthy industrialists or is something more sinister going on?

The Monster Hunters: The Doll's House should be ready for your ears on 31st October.

The scotch and the book. It can mean only one thing...THEY are returning!
The scotch and the book. It can mean only one thing...THEY are returning!
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