The Prey of MANTIS....Available Now!

By Newgate Productions, Jun 1 2013 11:23PM

It's June, so BY LAW that means it's time to stream or download The Prey of MANTIS, series 2 episode 3 of The Monster Hunters.

With Roy and Griselda on holiday, it's down to Inspector Grabber to protect Lorrimer Chesterfield from the claws of MANTIS, a terrifying machine creature with an even more terrifying ego. Together they turn to the one person best placed to help them: Sir Maxwell House?!?

Meanwhile, what connects our electronic executioner with crazed head of scientific intelligence Colonel Dalby? Stop reading this right now and go and get your ears on The Prey of MANTIS!

Written and directed by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. Starring Peter Davis as Lorrimer Chesterfield, Matthew Woodcock as Roy Steel, Kevin Haney as DI Grabber, Nick Lucas as Colonel Dalby, Christine Hodges as Mother, Sean Garratt as Captain Bates, and Laura Marshall as MANTIS, with Simon Kane as Sir Maxwell House and Susy Kane as Griselda Promogrew.

Next Month: X: The Terror from Beneath

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